The Leash Deal

We have Special Discounts available for the Leash for TBF and SAF Members when purchased from our sponsor Drew-Tek

The LEASH is a patented marine product designed and engineered to reduce the risk of an outboard motor flipping into the cockpit in the event of an underwater strike with a submerged object.

Danger Lies Hidden

The Ultimate in Outboard motor safety. The LEASH is to an outboard motor what a seat belt is to a car.  It’s 5x stronger than steel, installs in just minutes, and is compatible with all outboard motor manufacturers.  When it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones, why would you take a chance?  Why would you run without The LEASH?

You can’t avoid what you can’t see.  This is what makes hidden, submerged objects like rocks and old tree stumps so scary.  When your outboard motor strikes a submerged object, the possibility exists of your outboard motor jettisoning into the cockpit putting the lives of you and your passengers at risk.  The LEASH reduces the risk of this happening.

You’ll never know until it’s too late

You’ve done it your entire life.  You’ve been there a million times.  This weekend was supposed to be special.  Just you and your family.  You set out to your favorite spot where the fish will be biting.  But, before you can even blink an eye, your world is changed forever.  You never saw it.  You never heard it.  But it was there.  Quietly sitting just beyond eye’s reach below the surface of the water.  Harmless at first glance but deadly if the right situation presents itself.  Just a simple, old stump.  Everyone and everything would have been OK if the outboard motor hadn’t jettisoned into the cockpit.  An unavoidable accident.  Something you could have never prevented.  Until now….

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